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Fcom Technology is a unit of Frontier Trading Company. Fcom Technology is a leading trading company engaged in the export, import and supply of cables, transmission accessories, connectors, antennas, etc. A professionally managed company promoted with the objective to supply quality transmission components, the company deals with leading ISPs, voice and data communication companies, wireless and telecom company in the country today.

Having a vast experience in this industry, we harness the latest technology to offer quality products. Keeping the requirements of our clients, we supply products that are designed to offer undeniable level of reliability and performance.

We are one of the oldest traders in the field of electronic dealing in various types of transmission accessories, flexible cable and coaxial cable.

RF Heliax Connectors

RF Heliax Connectors
Cables : Low Loss Coaxial & Heliax Cable Connectors
Yagi Antennas  
Celing Antennas
Flat Panel Antenna

8 dbi
10 dbi
Frequency Range 2400~2500 MHz
Fliexible Heliax Cable

Flexible Heliax Cable
LDF 1-50 (1/4")
LDF 2-50 (3/8")
LDF 4-50A (1/2")
LDF 4-5.50A (5/8")
Patch Panel Antennas
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