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  Heliax Cables
LMR Series Cables
Connecting People, Through Technology Ground Plane Antennas

Our infrastructure plays a pivotal role in our success. We source the finest quality products for total satisfaction of our clients. Our spacious warehouse has the capacity to store large quantities of products. We possess a team of experts who are sourcing products of international standards by keeping themselves abreast of the latest technological development and global market trends. Our experienced professionals offer pro-active services to our clients by understanding their requirements.

Mr. B.N Hansraj started the Frontier Trading Company in 1965 with a vision of making it one of the best. The legacy was then passed over to his son Mr. Vash Dev Alung, who now has handed over the company to his sons Deepak and Manish. As it is the company is growing from generation to generation, with it the list of our faithful clients also grows, as there is a bond of trust and goodwill.

The company deals with leading ISP's, voice and data communication companies, wireless and Telecom Company in the country today. While keeping up with the modern market trend we are always ready with the latest goods available. We have a very good track record of having the latest goods.

This website is designed for our clients for whom time is precious and for their convenience this site offers you a complete view of the products and there details. You can also contact us through e-mail if you want to buy something. The site is specially designed for your convenience, if there is any flaws please let us know.

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